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Its name ROCAIROTSIH means COLOR HISTORY reading from end to the beginning, I created this character with the aim to represent only my stories and my daily routines but over time the purpose becomes spread today I consider you a social worker ... Made of Black color that represents: Respect Death, Esolamento, Fear and Solitude. Blue representing
Tranquility, Sincerity and Harmony, but it is also associated with monotonous coldness and depression. Symbolizes Water, the infinite sky. The world is going through a very difficult situation, image depicts one of the methods of preventing the fight against the covid-19. Wear the mask. Everyone should use it to prevent the proliferation of viruses, we must take care and love each other respect each other others above all. It is also the map of Africa that represents life and its roots. In a situation like that we are going through enough of racism we live in the same planet, we all have blood in the same color, red, we breathe the same air, feel pain, away from the conditions social and privileges that each one enjoys. We obey the day and then the night and as an initiative to bring solidarity, at a time of global uncertainty, Angola is part of the change, we want a better world, a clean and prosperous future.

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